About Us

Into Risk Ltd was set up in 2008 by Stephen Cresswell to specialise and innovate within risk management, in particular project risk and business operations risk, with a strong focus on quantitative methods and forecasting. 

There are different ideologies within risk, the most common (particularly within the UK) is probably 'protective/event based'. In this view a strategy or plan is developed, to which risk management is later applied as a way of protecting the strategy from 'risks', where risks are seen as events that if they occur have a negative (or positive if opportunities). Often this ideology is supported by simplistic modelling and questionable 'qualitative risk' matrices (see the white papers). A whole self referencing group of specialists, educators, 'thought leaders', software & database providers, standards bodies etc has grown up around this. The whole approach is getting jaded and a fresh approach is needed.

Our Values

We listen - We take a genuinely consultative approach, aiming to understand and empathise with our clients and fulfil their requirements.

We are Pragmatic - Application can be the hardest part. Our goal is keep solutions as simple as possible whilst maintaining functionality with focus on solutions and results.

We innovate - Frequently said but much less practised. We take the time to think about ideas, alternatives and options. Innovation requires conscious effort.

We lead by example - We practice what we preach, all assignments are run on project management principles, with risk and value management based principles applied.

Stephen Cresswell


Stephen has a strong track record with over ten years’ consulting experience. Client feedback has identified quality, independent...

Rebecca Rees


Rebecca Rees is an accredited professional facilitator and trainer with extensive experienced in risk and value management,...