Welcome to the free Calibration Training course, the objective for this course is to make you a better judge of probabilities and uncertain quantities. This is an important skill to have, for instance if evaluating key assumptions in a business plan as part of a ‘what if’ analysis, or quantifying risk for pricing of a contract. People who have taken the course have described it as fun, eye opening and valuable. This course is free but an enhanced version can also be provided as part of a bespoke corporate training plan.

The course is based around a series of tests on which you get feedback. The feedback is what improves your judgement, when your judgement is sound then you are said to be ‘calibrated’. These tests are in the form of Microsoft Excel workbook that you download.

There is no assessment or examination, you will get the most out of the course by being honest and acting as if you were making judgements in a work of life settings. By saving the workbooks you can stop and continue at any point.

Note: The course workbooks have been designed for use on Windows desktop machines and are macro enabled. They may not work on mobile devices or Apple Macs.

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