A Forensic Schedule Analysis and Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) was requested in order to get insight on a difficult project situation. The client had engaged a project management organisation and  solution vendor to build a large and complex system. The client suspected that the project was struggling to meet the agreed timeline;  and that the project schedule & risk register were being manipulated in order to hide the fact. The client also believed that the vendor was looking for ways to blame the client for the delays.

We provided an independent review of the project risk register; this found that the quantification were overly optimistic. This data was then used to produce a risk based forecast of the projects likely completion date. This differed greatly from the forecast put forward by the contractor; confirming the client’s suspicions.

For the forensic schedule analysis we reviewed the project schedules that had been submitted each reporting period by the vendor. The changes between each were identified; including changes to logic, task descriptions and new and deleted tasks. The changes were compared against contemporaneous project records.   This exercise identified the true origins of the delays and the client was able to rebuff the claims put forward by the vendor.