Spreadsheets use is widespread in many organisations and often in high profile and mission critical applications. Even where Organisations have made extensive use or proprietary databases there is often a need to supplement  these with Excel spreadsheets, for instance one off calculations and to gather data from external parties not on Corporate networks. There have been a number of high profile spreadsheets in recent years:

  • An £8.6m reduction in profits  for support services firm Mouchels was attributed to a spread sheet error
  • A US think tank under reports academic status of Virginians due to a cut and paste error
  • A key academic paper making the case for Austerity policies was undermined when is was discovered two Harvard Economists had made basic spreadsheet mistakes

Creating a spreadsheet solution is akin to software development – particularly when complex. We believe a development of a complex spreadsheet should therefore be managed like a mini software project with requiements definition, design, testing and documentation.

We can help you reduce spread sheet risk with our Excel modelling, VBA/Macro development and skills.

To find out more about spread sheet with visit the EUropeanSPreadsheetsRisksIntetestGroup www.eusprig.org.

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